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30th April 2012

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Finally Assigned (Open)




She just sat there looking at the paper in front of her face, she wasn’t happy who she was assigned to. Hell she didn’t think he was promoted to Lt. Colonel at all. Last time she heard he was a Major. But deep down she was hoping he was nicer to her than Archer was the day before. Taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly, Cassandra walked to the office of her superior officer she was assigned to.

Kimblee sat at his new desk in Eastern Command base, still getting used to his promotion.  He smiled to himself, tracing the dark wood of the desk with his fingertips, a devilish grin painted on his face.  If there was one thing he wanted more than explosions, beautiful explosions, it was power (besides Fan Lan, of course).  The closer he got to the top, and the more connections he had with the higher-ups, the better off he would be.  When he heard his door open, he looked up suddenly, staring at the red-headed officer before him.  “May I ask what your business is here, miss?”

She walked up to him and stood stiffly in front of Kimblee saluting him. “Major Cassandra Lichtenberg reporting for duty sir.”

Cassie handed Kimblee her papers that told him that the antimatter alchemist known as the Dark Nova was his to mold to his very whim. She wasn’t to happy to be assigned to him, she heard the horror stories of Kimblee when it came to the Ishvalin War of Extermination and that he had a Philosopher Stone. To her he was just as deadly as the alchemy that she used and being as such she thought it best to be on her best behavior.

He raised his brows.  “Major Lichtenberg?”  Recalling the name as the officer that was assigned to him, he nodded, smiling.  “Ah, yes, Major, you’ve been assigned to my new team.  I hope you find the situation to your liking.”  Taking the papers from her, he looked them over, and could feel Wrath getting excited over their new tool.  When he looked up, she was still standing with the best posture she could muster.  “At ease, Major, there is no need to be formal constantly.”

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